kuva Katja Hagelstam

kuva Jenny Moberg
photo Jenny Moberg
kuva Katja Hagelstam

DoReMi 2, light sculpture 2018 

height 200 cm,  width 140 cm

photo Katja Hagelstam

INCLUSIVE, light sculpture 2018 

height 150 cm,  width 300 cm

DoReMi 1

Jani Kaila

DoReMi 1

kuva Jani Kaila

DoReMi 1, light sculpture, 2014

height 245 cm width 140 cm

photo Jani Kaila


MÖTEN, light sculpture 2010

Folkhälsan, Parainen, Finland

height 2m, width 2m


Stardust is a unique commissioned work for a private home. The free formed mouth blown

glass discs illuminated with LED lights were made by Kari Alakoski in Nuutajärvi Glass Village.

The lighting technology was provided by Cariitti Oy.

STARDUST, light sculpture 2011

Kauniainen, Finland

Camilla Moberg 

Fiskarsintie 386


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