Chandelier by Camilla Moberg, photo Fran

photo Frank Unger


This modern Chandelier was erected at Wasa Teater in march 2020 as a permanent part of the theater´s new design.

Chandelier was created inspired by stone formations.  They symbolise to me the interaction between people, a sence of togetherness.

My aim was combining colorful and different shapes of glass elements to a balanced and strong whole.

Diversity suggests we are stronger together – light accentuates shapes, reinforces colors and gives glass new dimensions.

The sculpture includes 24 unique glass elements that are mouth-blown and handcrafted in Nuutajärvi, the oldest Glass Village in Finland.


designer, glass artist Camilla Moberg

glassblowers Janne Rahunen, Manuel Diemer, Nuutajärvi

cold work: Heikki Viinikainen, Nuutajärvi

electrification: Cariitti


glass, aluminium, acrylic tube, silicone, led stripes, electric cable, steel wire

Height 180 cm

Wasa Teater, Hietasaarenkatu 7, 65100 Vaasa

Chandelier, fotp Frank Unger.jpg

photo Frank Unger