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Camilla Moberg Collection includes light sculptures,  sculpture-like light fixtures, a number of unique glass art works and multiple series of smaller glass objects. All works in the Collection are manufactured as handwork in Finland, mostly in Nuutajärvi Glass Village. She has worked closely with Finland’s most skilled glass blowers ever since the beginning of her career in glass art. Domestic production is valuable in itself, and all her works are made as locally as possible.

Meeting the renowned glass blower Unto Suominen (1931—2004) in 1995 was a decisive moment as she chose to concentrate on glass Design. Having already designed tableware for Arabia, she had an idea for an exceptional glass jug which attracted also Mr. Suominen to take part in the project as well. This was the beginning of a close working relationship, one that lasted until his demise ten years later.

Today, most of the works in the Camilla Moberg Designs Collection are made by glassblowers Jaska Liikanen and Otto Koivuranta in Nuutajärvi Glass Village. ”The whole process of making glass in the studio is fascinating. My respect for the glass blowers and their skills is enormous. It is rewarding to work with them, and the most important prerequisite for our cooperation is mutual respect between the designer and the glassblower.”

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