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photo Jani Kaila

DoReMi 1

DoReMi consists of a LED tube and handblown unique glass domes. The glass elements are stacked on top of each other forming a glass formation. DoReMi can be custommade to a specific space both concerning colors and dimensions. The sculpture can constist of one tube or several. The glass elements are manufactured as handwork in Finland, in Nuutajärvi Glass Village. Each glass dome is unique and each sculpture is an individual.


Camilla Moberg  2014


glassblowers : Kari Alakoski, Janne Rahunen,

cold work : Heikki Viinikainen, Nuutajarvi

Led technique & construction : Saas Instruments


glass, aluminium, acrylic tube, LED, electric cable, steel wire


Height 245 cm

Width 140 cm

photo Jani Kaila

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